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How can I power my SparkX?

There are two methods to power your SparkX Smart Screen: 1) using a cigarette lighter adapter (CLA); 2) hard-wiring it to your car's fusebox.

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Does it come with a rear camera?

Yes, SparkX Pro Max comes with both the front and rear camera. Both of them are adjustable in angle and height.

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Does it support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

SparkX Pro Max supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Can it be connected to the car's stereo system?

Yes. There are two different methods to stream audio wirelessly from your SparkX Smart Screen to your car stereo system. 1) Connect the device to your vehicle through bluetooth; 2) Use the FM transmission function in your SparkX Smart Screen.

To use the FM transmission, choose a frequency on the device first and tune your car’s radio to the chosen frequency, then you can stream audio wirelessly from the device to your car’s stereo system.

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Does it work for my car? Will it block my view ahead while driving?

Rest assured. It won't block your view ahead while driving.

SparkX Smart Screen has its independent system and display screen, which means you only need to ensure that your car’s dashboard is suitable for mounting the device (The size of the mount is 14 × 6.7 cm). Additionally, SparkX Smart Screen offers specific multi-directional angle adjustment functionality, enabling effortless installation even if your car's dashboard has forward or backward tilt, or left or right tilt.

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Does it wobble badly when the car is driven fast?

SparkX Pro Max, with a strong adhesive 3M tape and a hard holder, is designed to be able to stand firm and still.

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How is its temperature resistance?

SparkX Smart Screen is designed to endure temperatures ranging from -5 to 160 °F (-20 to 70 °C), ensuring that it can tolerate typical temperature variations.

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What if my car front board is arhced?

We provide three different mount for your SparkX Pro Max: a hard mount, a rubber mount and an adjustable holder.

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How do you do the packaging?

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What regions or countries can the product be delivered to?

We are excited to offer free shipping to the following countries.

• North America: Canada, Mexico, USA.

• Europe: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany,Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom.

• Other: Australia, Japan.

You can select your shipping country from the dropdown menu during checkout. If you would like to have your order delivered to a different country, please contact us.

Is it recording for 24 hours? Will it drain the car battery fast?

SparkX Smart Screen records 24 hours a day only when being hard-wired to your car’s fusebox. However, when the vehicle is not in use, the device will enter the dormancy mode to conserve the car’s battery. It will automatically turn on and start recording if the in-built G-sensor detects sudden movements or impacts.

How does its mobile network work?

There are three methods to access the internet on your SparkX Smart Screen. 1) insert a SIM card into the device; 2) connect to a Wi-Fi network or your phone’s hot spot; 3) use CarPlay or Android Auto on the device by connecting to your phone bluetooth.

What languages does SparkX support?

SparkX supports more than 50 languages, which you can choose in Setting - System - Languages.

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